Well, it looks like I’ve hit a small milestone with today’s 100th post. Not as large as some of the big fish out there, but still nothing to sneeze at. And I’ve got to say, I’ve enjoyed every minute of this. (well…okay, the creative parts where I get to simply sit down and make the comic.) I really like where the characters are going and especially like the times when occasionally the characters will tell me what they want to say or do.

I do this every week because I love it (and it beats my suck-ass day job all to hell) But I especially get a kick out of the idea that other people will discover this comic and enjoy it enough to keep coming back three days a week. To all of you out there I say “THANK YOU!” I hope you continue to enjoy the comic in the years to come and appreciate your devotion to reading the comic.

I don’t ask for subscription fees or donations and the few adds I do have don’t pay for themselves as of yet, but one day I do hope to leave my day job once and for all and devote all my time and energy to this comic and to making it the best web comic I know how to make. All I ask on this special 100th post is that if you enjoy the comic –pass it along. Share it on facebook. Mention it on Twitter. Give it a shout out some on some other web comic your frequent. Call up your grandmother and tell her, “Damn Nanna! Mrs. McKrakkin’s got you down pegged but shit!” Any ol word of mouth would be wonderful.

And as always, feel free to leave any comments or questions you wish. I appreciate your feedback more than I can say.

Now, with that said, let’s get on with the humor and drama of more Bohemian Nights!