Do you know what day it is today? Why it’s the start of National Share Bohemian Nights Week!

I know what you’re saying— “But Eric, what can I do to help participate in this greatest of national holidays besides getting shit-faced and vomiting on my neighbors dog?”

Well, that is a good start, but the most important thing you can do on such a glorious holiday as this (and incur the favor of the Bohemian Gods who are quick to reward such dutiful service with shiny bottles of Jack and baskets of love)  is to spread the word of Bohemia!

But now you may be saying to yourself, “But wait! I’m just a slacker at heart and I’m only secretly reading this comic on my lunch break at work. Please don’t tell me I have to offer the severed head of a Goth in tribute. I don’t have the time!” Well, that’s okay. No need to get your hands all bloody. All we’re asking here at Bohemian Nights is that you take a moment to pick one or two of those shinny boxes just above this notice and share a comic post of your choice to those less fortunate who have never heard of Bohemian Nights before. By simply re-posting one strip you can save millions of internet surfers from abject boredom, mediocre web comics and about a thousand regurgitated cat videos.

Isn’t it time you gave the gift of Bohemian Nights? You got nothing to lose. You already have herpes.