A little early for next month’s Bohemian Astrology but it seemed like the perfect time to slide this one in.

So…recently I got some excellent feedback from a loyal reader with some valid questions. I thought some other people out there might be voicing the same concerns so I figured I’d re-post my answer here.
He writes (and I’m paraphrasing)

The artwork is awesome but the storyline is pissing me off.
I like the McKrakkin story but wish that you wouldn’t leave people hanging on other characters. For instance, “what happened with Emrys and Beth?” One minute he was obsessed with her and then the next second it was like nothing ever happened.

First off, I love hearing feedback like this. Thank you for taking the time to contact me.
With eight main characters and almost as many storylines surrounding them, it’s hard to focus on one for any length of time. There are going to be lots of interlocking stories and some plots have to be set up before others can more on. I love writing very intricate storylines with lots of subplots and everything that happens usually happens to set up something else. I enjoy writing all my characters and want to try and give each one equal time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way. I will try to make sure that I keep the individual plots alive while others go on, even if I need to insert a quick panel or character comment.
Rest assured, I haven’t forgotten about Emrys and his crush on Beth (Although, in all fairness, because he’s so shy to begin with, pining over her in silence does fit his personality.) I have a deep fondness for this story and can’t wait to get it kicking in high gear.
I got most of the character’s storylines mapped out for the next year but sometimes an extra storyline pops up out of the blue and I just have to run with it (as was the case with the Mckrakkin’s trip storyline). More often, there will be a one-post comic with a single gag slid in between or in a storyline.
I can’t wait to bring these stories out and have people read them. I wish I could go to updating 5 days a week, which would help speed along the stories, but with work and family, it just can’t happen right now. Hopefully someday soon.
Now, if you feel like I’m not giving enough time on your favorite character, let me know! Sometimes I might be able to boost up the appearance of a fan favorite or at least try to get to them a little sooner. (As with the case of the Emrys /Beth storyline which will be resuming in about eight more posts.)
So feel free to leave a comment here or on the Bohemian Night facebook page or even just throw down on an email (at ericaclements@gmail.com)
Always glad to hear feedback and comments and I’ll always take the time to address any questions. (Unless they are specifically for “Ask Mrs. McKrakkin” which you can always write in to her for…)