Some of you might not realize that drawing is work.

No. Really. It is.

Now I know you might have said to your friend the artist, “But you love to draw! How can that be work?”

Believe me. It is! Just because you love something doesn’t mean it doesn’t take immense amounts of effort to complete. The fact that you love drawing only helps to insure that you’ll push yourself a little more to do it. If I didn’t love doing this comic, I would have stopped on strip 5. This comic is a lot of work! And I do the whole ball of wax! I write it, draw it, ink it, color it, slap the words on it, and post it. And that doesn’t take into effect all the other behind the scenes work that goes into it, like maintaining the web site and advertising. (and merchandise and conventions…) Make no mistake… it is a second job. Yes, I love doing it, but a second job, none-the-less. One that I put in easily twenty-two hours a week doing (and most times late in the evening when everyone else is asleep). This is a second job that, for the most part, I make no money on! I am essentially working for free!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still doing the comic. I still have hopes that one day this comic will take off and it will become my only job. (I can still dream.) But until then, I’m still juggling the comic with my other day job and family, and sometimes, like around the holiday season when my day job kicks me in the nuts on a regular basis, I can get a little discouraged. But I’m here to say, I’m not quitting. Not by a long shot! I’m not even rolling back the posting to two days a week as I did last year at this time. I have a small but loyal readership that I appreciate very much. I got stories rolling around in my head that will most likely take years to finally get out. Bohemian Nights is still going on!

But there’s one small thing, if I can ask all of you loyal readers out there, you can do. If you truly enjoy the comic and come back three days a week to read it, ifyou enjoy the characters and stories and artwork I’ve laid out here…

Let other people know about it. 

-At least the people you know in your life that would enjoy a web comic such as this. I know, it’s not for everyone, but you must know someone out there who is another Jeff who just might like it.  To make this comic work, it needs to expand in readership. With such a gluttony of web comics out there, I need word of mouth to help make it grow. So I’m asking…or pleading… pass on the comic. Tell a friend or co-worker…re-post to your Facebook page a particular episode that made you laugh… drop a link is one of the myriad social media’s out there… talk it up in a chat room.  Believe me I’m doing all that and more on a weekly basis. I got Bohemian Nights on Facebook, Twitter, and I’m even re-running the old strips on Tapastic. And I’m always looking for new ways to let people know about the comic.

So feel free to do the same!  A larger readership is a win/win for everyone. The more people who come here to read the comic, the more successful it becomes, which in turn potentially means I just might start earning a wage on this second job. If I’m lucky down the road, I might make enough to quit my day job and do this full time, then I’ll push Bohemian Nights five days a week and start crossing the country to visit conventions. Everyone wins.

So I need your help.  Let the word spread. Give the gift of Bohemia.

(And If I’m not doing something to your liking, such as “I want more character ‘X’ in the comic” or “your artwork sucks”… Chime in too. Let me know how I can improve the comic. All I want is this to be the best it can be.

Okay… enough said. Thanks for listening to my little rant.

You can now return to slurping jello shots off a strippers belly. And if you weren’t doing that… Why the hell not?!?