So the other day I was flipping through the web looking at comic and comic related stuff when I suddenly spied an article on the Wild Web Comic Review talking about essentially some of the best web comics of 2014.  And tucked in the nominations just happen to be little ol Bohemian Nights for best web comic cast.  And although I didn’t win, it is true that it’s nice to be nominated. (The fact that I was up against two other nominees who were both long time veteran webcomics spanning ten plus years of comics each was very flattering in of itself.) So thank you Wild Webcomic Review for having the comic as one of your regular reads and enjoying the characters enough to add it to your nominated list.

To those unfamiliar with the site, go check it out. He’s got a huge list of comics he reviews weekly. You can find a lot of new good reads through his reviews. I know I have. (I’m looking at you, Romantically Apocalyptic and The Non-Adventures of Wonderella.)

Now on to the Wizard con…

Very busy and very fun. The Drinker’s Hell game sold very well. Not only that, but at least five customers that bought the game last convention had to come up to me to say how much fun the game was. To quote one person: “This game totally wrecked me!” Player satisfaction guaranteed!

Also had a very nice gentleman tell me how much he enjoyed Bohemian Nights and reads it all the time. And how he loved the Mckrakkin acid trip storyline (definitely a fan favorite). Always so nice to hear. There were a lot of cool cos play people as well. Some of the best ones I’ve captured in pictures and will be posting them on the Bohemian Nights Facebook page later on today. Come stop by and check them out.

Next stop, Wondercon in Anaheim Californian April 3rd, 4th, and 5th!

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