#219 Another Day in the Trenches

So let me introduce you to this comic's guest artist. Andy and I have been friends nearly our whole lives. We met in third grade where we were thrown together to draw an insect mural and have been friends ever since. We share a love of drawing and of comic books that has never wavered. We would get together after school to spend long hours drawing in our rooms creating our own mythos in comic form. His drawings never fail to make me smile. And if I could be so boldĀ  as to make this comparison, his artistic style is liken that to the great Art Crumb! So over the next few months, don't be surprised to see his artwork grace the comic now and then, especially when I'm falling a little behind. He has been generous enough to draw some of my one-shot strips so that they will be easy to drop in as needed. And hopefully one day down the road he'll either have his own strip or we can collaborate on one together. In the mean time, sit back and enjoy.  

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  1. This and That . . . Now and Then

    Nice !!

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