After this past week, I feel like Beth right now.

So, for those of you who were not able to follow the saga on Bohemian Nights Facebook, it seems my site got some malware on it and my host had to shut down the site until it could get fixed. Unfortunately, I know nothing about the nuts and bolts of the back end of a website, so I had a hell of a time trying to fix it myself. All the while I’ve been conversing back and forth with my webhost pleading to help me other than giving me a list of things to do to make it better. They finally took pity on me and helped find and delete the offending file.

So now the comic is back up and I hope I don’t have to go through that again for a long time.

Hopefully I didn’t scare off too many readers thinking I’ve folded up. I’m like a cockroach. I’m going to keep coming back.

So let’s get back into the swing of things. Here’s Friday’s post a little early, and by next week we’ll fall back into the usual posting schedule.

Thanks for everyone’s patience and well wishes.

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