Greetings all!

The Rumors are true. I’m drawing a Belligerence comic (in the Bronze age style of comics with a huge nod towards my old comic hero, Jack Kirby). Its full of dramatic action, campy dialogue and fun comic book satire. The comic will be twenty pages of full vibrant color, printed with a traditional glossy comic cover and set to go on sale sometime early next year.

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But wait, you say. I can’t wait all these months for the comic. I want my Belligerence fix now! Well, if you’re a generous Patreon benefactor, you don’t need to wait. That’s right. patrons of Patreon who regularly help me out by kicking down a few bucks ($5 or more a month) get first look at all the pages as they are being completed. (usually 1 to 3 pages a month) Not only that, but when the comic is complete and printed, those same wonderful patrons will receive a FREE first edition copy of the comic, signed and sent right to them!!!

There has never been a better time to become a patron of Patreon for Bohemian Nights and Belligerence! Not only will you get gobs of bonus goodies*, you will also bask in the glow that you are truly helping a struggling artist! Yes, Bohemian Nights is free, but if you love what you see and want to help out, a small donation can go miles in improving the comic (and what’s left of my sanity).  –and my Patreons now get Belligerence comics!

So give the gift of creativity. Become a Patreon today!

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*For the same cost as buying ONE drink at a bar, you can get early Belligerence posts and a free comic when completed.
For the same cost as buying TWO or more drinks, you can get things like original artwork, your own guest appearance in the comic, or even original commissioned artwork.
c’mon, you know you’re not going to get lucky tonight. Why not spend that drink money you know is going to give you a better return.