#305 The Question

It's nice to be back! Time to get the comic up to full steam. I'm very excited to get back into the swing of things and dive into some drama (as well as humor), and get the main characters moving in a forward direction (for good or bad). Also, very excited to announce that a new printing of my very popular adult drinking board game, Drinker's Hell, has arrived (--just in time for Christmas)! "Play tested" for over twenty years, this fast paced, high octane drinking game has regularly sold out at almost every convention I've gone to. The new printing offers a bigger playing board (from 18"x18" to 20"x20"), And higher quality board and cards. At the moment, it's only sold through the Bohemian Nights store at storenvy, but soon to be sold through other online stores as well as some retail stores in the northwest. Artwork and game mechanics all by yours truly. As one person told me at the last convention, "This game wrecked my life!"  IMG_2234Drinkers Hell JackAll this can by yours for the low price of $30 (+ shipping).   Also, follow more updates on the corresponding Facebook page.   Patreon Girls click here  

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  1. It’s a question that needs an answer!

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