And with these epilogue comics this week, the New Year’s story comes to a conclusion. -But the continuing stories of these characters have only just begun. I just finished writing the outline for the next 80 comics (Till 450). You’re in for a lot of interesting developments.

But those readers who have been around since the beginning should know that I usually take two weeks off from the comic each year. One week in December right around Christmas and one week in the summer. Well, next week is that week for me. Plus, it’s the perfect pause in the story to take it. I’m off to go camping and spend some time with the family before they forget just who is that crazy guy who sits by the computer late at night every night is.

But have no fear, I usually have something to fill the void and next week is no exception. I’ll be giving you a sneak peek at the three page strip I drew for the upcoming super-hero humor comic book ‘the Protectors’. In fact, this is the only three pages I drew for the whole thing. And although no where near the caliber of the true artist of the comic, Andrew Macphee, it didn’t turn out half bad.

I’ll also be posting 3 days next week!! One page a post, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Then the following week I’ll jump right back into Bohemian where the story starts up about a week after the New Year’s party.


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