Hey, I just realized Rose City Comic Con is here in one month! And I’m ready!

I’ll have plenty of Drinker’s Hell games for you summer time party-people, Bohemian Nights Introduction books at a sale discount and I’ll be selling the first actual comic book from Bohemian Comics…the Protectors issue #1!!! Come by and get a signed copy weeks before they’ll be available in my online store. (Of course, Patreons at the $5 or higher level get free copies of all the titles Bohemian Comics puts out, so it’s never too late be be a Patreon…)

It’s bound to be a large gathering this year. I’ll be in Artist Alley at Table O-14. Sept 10 & 11. Come on Down!!!

rose city

Also look for me at the Eugene Comic Con early November. By then I should also have the 1st Issue of Belligerence available as well!

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