Rose City Comicon was a blast. I spent the whole day walking around talking to people both professional and fan alike. Didn’t meet anyone who read the comic but that didn’t stop me from handing out a couple of flasks to some pretty cool people. Lots of cos-play people. Lots of cos-play girls. (Where were you all when I was 15?) Too many Adventure Time costumes.

But I learned a lot and ready to get a table come the next convention. Sell a couple of things. More meet and greet. Rinse, Repeat.

Too tired to go into great detail tonight. I’ll share more stories this week.

And to all the new readers as a result of my soft-peddled schmoozing yesterday, welcome! Take a look at the archives, kick the tires, enjoy.

Thank you all for taking a few minutes out of your day to enjoy my work. I hope it brings a smile on your face.