Why -Fleetwood Mac

And with the departure of the Green Man (for now…) We come to the end of Book 3. There will be no comic this Friday but next Monday’s comic will be a double sized comic to kick off Book 4.

“Now wait a moment,” you might be saying right about now. “Book 3? Book 4? I don’t recall chapter breaks in Bohemian Nights.” And you would be correct…in a way.

When I re-did the very first two comics because the original art was just god awful, I knew I wanted to start having chapter breaks that correspond to the seasons, but I never got around to doing it until just recently. So you will notice that the first book (summer) starts with comic #1. Book 2 (Autumn) starts at comic #169 and Book 3 (winter) at #300. The books are roughly 150 comics in length so that puts Book 4 (spring) starting with the next comic #450 and keeps a loose timeline to the ongoing stories.

This is all in preparation to eventually seeing these chunks of the comic in print. I’m looking into Kickstarter to print the first book which will include… Emrys comes to town and meets the gang and gets a job at the market, Shannon returns, the big night out story, Mark and Shannon reunite, Dave meets Devon, the history and origins of the Bohemian gang, McKrakkin’s big acid trip, and the last day of summer trip to the beach. But I really would like to make the book something people would really like to buy. Not just printing the strips that one can obviously read on line. I would like to include a bunch of new extras only seen in the book. And that’s were you come along.

I’ve already decided to expand the Mckrakkin acid trip story to include never before seen scenes of her wild trip, but I would like to do more. So I’m asking all you out there. What else would you like to see in the book? Added comics that expand the storylines? Extra features that show their history? Alternative universe stories? What would you like for intensives? Post card prints of the characters? Stickers? Buttons? Let me know. I’d love to hear from you cos I don’t have a clue.

I would really like to print a high quality book (and something better and larger than the thin introduction book I put out a couple of years back), but only if there is some call for it. Would Kickstarter intensives and new material do it?

Anyway…It’s not happening overnight, but I would like to hear from anyone out there what they would like. All ideas are welcome.

So a short pause with no comic this Friday and I’ll be back next Monday with Book 4.