Man, I really love drawing those three.

So, for Patreons, I’ve got the latest comic up and working on sending out some original sketches to that level of Patreon. For those on the comic book level your wait will be over soon. Come September (just in time for Rose City Comic Con Sept. 8-10) the long awaited second issue of the Protectors (Now re-named to the Deflectors) will be out. My old friend and partner, Andrew MacPhee is putting the finishing touches on issue 2 just in time to get it printed and ready for the con. I got to say, it looks great. Some of you Patreons will be getting one of those mailed to them, so hang in there. Stay tuned for a sneak peak next month.

Thanks again (Patreons and non-Patreons alike) for continuing to come back and enjoy the comic. The readership continues to grow a little each month. Don’t forget to vote at TopWebComics (that blue button to your right). The higher the voting number, the more chance someone will see the banner and maybe check it out. You can also re-post to Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc. with any of those nifty buttons on the left.

I hear printing the page and distributing it via carrier pigeon is catching on as well. Just a rumor.