Happy New Year!

This year’s New Year resolution, let’s get the word out there about this comic. Feel free to re-post to what ever social media you use. Facebook, Snapchat, deviantArt, carrier pigeon or crystal ball. What ever you want. This year, let’s bust this comic out to the masses! We’re coming up to the five year anniversary this June, and I really want this comic to soar. Thanks also for those of you who continue to vote on Top Web Comics (or whatever other web comic platform you use). Every vote propels the comic higher, allowing more new readers to discover it.

As for me, I’m trying to line up some more conventions. The next one is in a month in Vancouver WA. at the very first I LIKE COMICS-CON Feb 10 and  11.

Hopefully more  to come as the year progresses.

Thank you all for reading.

MAKE MINE BOHEMIAN! (wait…is that taken?)