Thank you all once again for the well wishes on my speedy recovery. It’s a bit of slow going and some days are okay and some are not. -Like today as I write this, I took the day off from my regular work schedule. I promise I won’t push myself too much on the comic until I’m fully recovered.

Speaking of the comic, as you can tell by the storyline that we are fast approaching the time when Emrys will be losing his virginity. As such, a story like this is hard to tell without…well…being a little bit graphic. I have always considered Bohemian Nights as R rated if it was a film. -At times full frontal nudity and somewhat suggestive scenes. (sometimes very suggestive…) So just a disclaimer that we’re on track for some more of the same very soon. A couple of people suggested that I go further. -Show everything. Something on the lines of the web comic The Rock Cocks. 

The problem is, I’m not sure I want to alienate some readers who may not be coming back necessarily for that kind of stuff. Not that I don’t enjoy the Rock Cocks. Its a great comic. But this comic is about the characters…who happen to fuck sometimes. (Hard to tell a story about people in their twenties without it, actually…) So I guess I’m wavering back and forth as to how much to ‘sometimes’ show. I have some very touching and also funny moments with Emrys and Stephanie written and coming up pretty soon, but some of the scenes are going to be a little hard to navigate without showing quite a bit. So I’m wondering what some of you out there think? Keep the level of what is shown here as is, or, -and only on occasion when the story dictates it, show a bit more.  I still have a couple of weeks, believe it or not, before we get to that point in the story so I’ll be mulling it over trying to come up with a definitive level for the comic. Your input is greatly appreciated.

That’s all for now.