Okay. Here’s where I stand on the tons of things I got to get done before Las Vegas in less than two weeks.

This weekend I’ll be gathering up some original sketches for all the Patreons of the comic (those that I have address anyway), and mailing them out by the first of the week.

I also have a new (ish) NSFW bonus comic for Patreons that should be up by the time you read this.

The questions some of you submitted for the upcoming filler comic while I’m away are great. I got so many questions, I’ll have enough for the week I’m gone and still have some extra questions available for another time down the road. I chose the ones I instantly had answers for -which were a lot of them.  Thank you all very much for your participation. You should see these comics between June 22nd to June 29th, just a little over a week. So the comic really isn’t on hiatus. Instead you’ll get this bonus material while I prepare and fly out to Vegas, returning to the regular storyline July 2nd.

Okay. Is that it? My mind is racing trying to get all this done.  I’ll keep everyone updated.