Mailed out the original sketches for all the Patreons that had their address attached. You should get the package in a week or so. For those Patreons on the lower end, it’s not too late. I’m sending sketches to all Patreons this month if you want them.

Still lots to do before heading out to Vegas next week. Still trying to find time to draw and catch up as well.

Also, I got late word that Project Wonderful will be closing up shop come the end of July. This kind of saddens me. Not that I got much revenue from the ads I posted here, but when I posted my comic ad on other peoples websites, I would usually get a fair amount of new readers. It was a pretty good way to get more eyes on the comic. So with them closing up shop, I’m a little worried on how to expand my readership. So feel free to vote for this comic daily at the Top Web Comics voting button to your right. It does help get the comic more views. Or re-post the comic link via Facebook, Twitter or wherever. Re-posting a comic surprisingly can generate a great deal of buzz and allows potential new readers to discover the comic.

Bohemian Nights will be celebrating it’s five years this Friday. I plan on sticking around for many, many more years to come…with your help. If you enjoy the comic, let other people who are into web comics know.