Eight hundred comics in the books. Who would have thought?

And now we’re off to the final third of the Road Trip story. Unfortunately, next week will be dark. I ain’t taking a break or a vacation or anything. I’m just very behind. I just finished today’s episode just last night. I still have a ton of writing to do for the last part of the road trip, I haven’t even started drawing the next comic yet, and I still got to get out the next Midnight Edition (which will be out sometime next week).  So I figured this break between the mini chapters  would be the best time to catch up with everything. Believe me, next week will not be a break for me. Also, as if you couldn’t guess, their destination of Las Vegas may prove to be the most challenging ‘art-wise’ I have ever done on this comic. I’m expecting very intensely detailed illustrations to get the right flavor of the destination. It should be both fun and challenging drawing the Vegas strip, the casinos, the hotels, the people… Wait a second. What have I gotten myself into?

See ya in a week!