Okay, here we go again. Kickstarter 2.0!

I’ve lowered the print run considerably in hopes of reaching my goal of $2000, which seems very doable considering the last one exceed that amount. I’ve also lowered the shipping cost of domestic shipping a little (found a cheaper way of doing it) and even added a double-shot tier where you can buy two books and send one to a friend. (Thanks Thracecius for the suggestion). So hopefully THIS TIME we’ll see it actually happen. If you were one of people backing the last project, I really would love to see you again. If you were on the fence last time around, now is a great opportunity to get the first book (plus some interesting goodies). If you are new to all of this, well… here’s the pitch I used two months ago.

The book is a slick compilation tome of the first chapter of the series. Book One: The Nights we Felt Alive compiles the first 168 strips into a nice cohesive book. -Something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and now feel confident to venture through Kickstarter to do it. In fact, I’d like to see if I can print a book a year and get the whole series out there in physical form.

I had two concerns. One is the fact that anyone that comes to this website on a regular basis has more than likely already read these pages. So I asked myself what can I offer them in this book that they have not already seen? Well, in addition to adding some bonus illustrations I’ll be including some of the comics that were only available through Patreon. -At least the ones that are relevant to the book I’ll be putting out. For this first book, I’ll be including the five page ‘gender altering’ What If? story where I took a look at the night everyone first met but switched their character’s gender around.

In addition, and I think the best part of the book, I have filled the pages with margin notes. Quick, interesting fun facts placed here, there and everywhere throughout the book with behind the scenes comments ranging from how or why I created that particular strip, to hidden shout outs in the illustrations, to character development notes and plot foreshadowing. It’s basically like watching a movie with a cast and crew commentary on. You can read the comic as is or you can read it with the commentary.


The other thing that concerned me was the quality of artwork on these early strips. -Especially this first book. I didn’t want to redo every comic in this book. I felt that would be an egregious act on what my art style was when I first started the web comic, but there were some very glaring flaws in a few of the illustrations that I just couldn’t ignore. So for this book, I have gone over maybe about ten present of the comics and fixed some of the worst offenders. Most of them had to do with figure proportion or shape -as you can see in the example below.

What I didn’t do was change the art style. I still wanted to keep everything the way it was back then, which was a bit more cartoon or humorous type of illustration than how I’m drawing the comic today. I just wanted to fix a few of the problems that struck me wrong. Think of the book as a “Remastered Edition”.

So there you have it! That’s the first book! Of course with Kickstarter there are also lots of rewards depending on your pledge level. Those will include things like your name printed on the Thank You page of the book for anyone who pledges any amount, A PDF version of the book, A double sided bookmark with brand new illustrations of Shannon and Mark (I chose them cos they really were the most prominent in this first book). There’s also refrigerator magnets of some of the characters.

At higher pledge levels I’ll have signed copied made out to you personally, and even a one of a kind character sketch inside the book on the front blank page (your choice of character). At the highest levels you can get the book as a Limited Edition Hardcover available only through Kickstarter.

And if…just if I surpass my goal amount and reach my stretch goal, I will include a brand new, never before seen extra 5-7 pages of the Bohemian Nights characters as they were in the story back then. Think of it as a cut scene. I’m thinking Emrys and Beth on this too. (And maybe expanding McKrakkin’s acid trip as well).

So there it is. It can all be found HERE! Check it out.

And yes, I’ll be shipping world wide! (Although there will be additional international shipping charges)

I got to admit. I’m a little bit nervous. There are a lot of things that can go wrong. I hope all goes well with printing and I hope I calculated everything correctly. But with that said, I hope you support the project and enjoy all the extras I have for it. I’m really looking forward to printing the whole series.