Programing note! 9/22

It looks like everyone will have to wait a couple more days for the last installment of the 6th chapter/book. It’s taking longer than I expected but to be fair, it will be FOUR PAGES LONG.ย  Yes, I could have broken the pages up and put them out one at a time, but I think it just won’t work that way. So sorry for the small delay but I think it will be worth it. See you all Monday!


I know there’s some people that feel Beth is too shallow or deserves what’s coming to her. Yes, she’s flawed and maybe a little self absorbed, but weren’t we all in our twenties? Haven’t we done things we’re not proud of (to ourselves or to others). And that’s what this comic is really about. People going through self discovery -determining just who they are (by themselves and with other people). Sure, this happens throughout life (if you are lucky), but no more so than in your twenties when your life really becomes your own. There is a huge amount of good in Beth and it looks like she’s finally turning a corner.