Is this last page of the chapter a bit of a cliche?

-A little.

Do I have any regrets?

-None at all.

Today’s strip was seven years in the making. Very early on I had a vision that if Emrys and Beth were ever to get together, this is how they would do it. I didn’t know when, I didn’t quite know how, but I knew this was how it was going to look. A series of panels either searching for or wandering around somewhere after another night of disappointment only to realize what was right in front of them all along.

I’ve kept this last page in my mind since the time Emrys (and the readers) discovered his true feelings for Beth. I even knew the song that played in the background. And although I’ve been told my musical tastes are a little lacking I still feel like this song fits perfectly. Feel free to play it as you read the page (s). (I think you’ll know the moment in the song when they kiss.)


This is the end of Chapter/Book 6, but by no means an end. Now I get to focus on seeing what happens with these two, cos as you can guess, they’re going to need to figure out just what “us” is for them. Plus everyone returns to Portland and other story lines will open up with some of the other characters as well. We now move into Autumn in the comic.

I’m a little tired. This page took a lot out of me. So as always I’m taking a week off between chapters. (But I’ll be working on a Midnight Edition as well as Kickstarter stuff so no real rest for the weary.)

I WILL have an extra post this Friday though for a little extra something…..