#96 Getting Familiar

After many long months, I think I've discovered -and fixed- the missing posts (#22-35) that previously could not be seen on Ipads and Ipods. Just a subtle change in how they were saved may have made all the difference. Hopefully now those of you out there viewing the comic on such devices can finally read some of those old posts. As for today's comic, I finish the intro of Devon and Drake. I think in the future, Drake's speech bubble and font will be a bit more easier to read. He's still a work in progress. Oh, and is it just me or does Dave look an awful lot like Ren Hoek in the third panel?  

2 thoughts on “#96 Getting Familiar

  1. See? if you had just NOT MENTIONED Ren Hoek, I would have been just FINE. But NOOOooooooo…. CANNOT UN-SEE.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Hahaha. Then my job is done.

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