It’s funny. Back in the day I actually liked my friends to just show up unannounced.  Of course, back then we didn’t have things like cell phones either.

Also…an interesting observation I only just thought of as I prepared to upload the comic…today’s comic almost mirrors the comic a while back where JoJo dropped by Mark’s place with some food. Coincidence -not intentional.

Finally, just finished writing a big chunk of comics. And for those of you wondering, Yes! It has to do with the in-depth history of Beth (and Rich) along with another very satisfying scene. I’m really enjoying how it came out. The only downfall (for you reading these) is that you’ll have to wait a little longer to read them since this starts around #650, give or take an episode or two. I know some of you have waited quite a bit to get this backstory. I’m surprised it took me this long too. There are just so many plots and sub plots to build up to get to a certain point in any given storyline. For those of you wondering about the writing end of this comic, I usually start off with a page or two outline going over each of the characters and what will happen to them throughout the year. I then take that outline and (when the writing fires are hot) sit down and type out page after page of dialog. Usually around 30 or so comics at a time. Sometimes it can be months between these writing spurts. During these times I will regularly go over what I have written and edit them sometimes even at the point of drawing them.

Thank you all for coming back twice a week to read them.