About the Comic

Bohemian Nights is a web comic depicting twenty-something characters undertaking daily adventures of self discovery while drinking in that life-affirming vitality that only comes from youth… Aww FUCK THAT! It’s about a bunch of friends in dead end jobs with too much time on their hands and not enough money for hookers and blow.

About Me


Writer, illustrator, and part time retail curmudgeon, I have been in love with comics and comic books since the wee age of seven.  I’ve been drawing almost as long, but alas, the evil face of having to make a living forced me into a life of retail hell and dead end jobs. Now, after many years of being stagnant, I’ve decided to reemerge and follow my first love of drawing comics.

I live in Portland OR., where the story takes place, with two wonderful boys and my wife, to which none of this would be possible without her constant love and support.


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