Okay, so here’s the big news. After months of debating and looking into ways to help fund my comic, I have landed with Patreon!patreon_banner_11-e1412009799957

What is Patreon you ask? Patreon is a wonderful way to help artists and…well…anyone creative continue being creative. Similar to kickstarter but instead of pledging money for a one time event, Patreon allows those who wish to help their favorite artists on a monthly basis and in return, the patrons get access to exclusive rewards like, in my case, exclusive comics, original artwork, and  even guest appearances in Bohemian Nights.

Now you might be saying, “Hey! I don’t want to pay anything for my comics. I like it free!”

And free they shall still be.

This is not a service that you have to pay to read my comics. Bohemian Nights is still free to read week in and week out. I am truly happy to have people just come by and enjoy the comic every once in a while. That will never change.

All this allows is an opportunity for those fans out there to be able to help out just a little each month if they wish to, and in return, (along with my gratitude) they will get some bonus rewards. Many of the big web comics out there have started running Patreon for their fans, (Like Girls with Slingshots, Shotgun Shuffle and Questionable Content, to name a few) and it seems like this is a good way to go.

Look, I’m not a sales person. The business end of things just plain makes my feet itch. And I have a hard time just begging for money (which this isn’t).  But I would like this comic to succeed. And the only way it can do that is if it starts generating enough money so I can devote all my time and effort into making it the best possible comic I can put out.  Your contributions will go directly into comic, whether it be in the form of keeping up the website, promoting the comic, convention time and/or new and better books and products you would enjoy. (Not to mention allowing a little breathing room so I’m not up until two in the morning stressing out over the next comic.   Okay…that still may happen. But at least it will help to buy some coffee the next morning when I have to wake up early to go to my suck-ass day job.) So here’s your chance to help make a difference. Come check out my site and see what I have to offer.

Patreon:Bohemian Nights

Contribute or not, I’m still making comics for you all out there.

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