I’m back. I wish I could say I had gone to some tropical island for the past few weeks, but the reality is that my dad had a stroke on the 2nd and passed away on the 4th.

He always believed in me and in whatever creative endeavor I pursued. He was so excited when I started this comic up and had consistently read it at every post as part of his morning routine, often leaving a comment under the name “Here and there….now and then…” It was a way for us to keep in touch while separated by about a thousand miles.  He was one of my biggest fans, not just in the comic, but in whatever artwork I was doing.  I was going to see him in three weeks when I fly down to Wondercon in Anaheim CA. He already bought his ticket and was looking forward to seeing me at my booth for the first time. His absence here will be felt for years to come.

…These comics are for you, dad.



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