250! Woot! Holy crap. Who would have thought. As a result… a special wish fulfillment comic –sort of.

Now for the other news. After several weeks of agonizing back and forth debating with myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that Bohemian Nights -for the immediate future– will be staying at two posts a week (Monday and Friday).  This decision does not come easy for me. I don’t like losing ground when it comes to my posting, most notably, it takes that much longer to tell a story. But the hard truth of the matter is that I have a huge chunk of ‘absolutely need to do projects’ hitting me this summer. Most notable things I promised to do around the house like rip out our old rotting deck as well as other household maintenance. I also have a couple of side art projects I’m working on as well as contacting a number of game stores for potentially selling my Drinker’s Hell game. Oh, and then there is the family who I would like to spend some of my waking time with too.  

All of which finally led me to the grim conclusion that, at least for the summer, I’ll need to keep the lowered postings to twice a week. It’s not permanent and it’s not my first choice, but unfortunately it is a necessity if I’m to remain somewhat sane. And it’s not like I’m abandoning the comic. Oh, hell no! It’s just a slight drop in the weekly posting schedule. And honestly, I think I’m the hardest on myself for this, being someone who would give almost anything to put out the comic five days a week if it were humanly possible at this time. But alas…

I hope this doesn’t cause my loyal readers to drop off as well, for I do this comic just as much for you. -Maybe more.  One good thing that is happening as a result, is that (as is the case with today’s and especially Friday’s comic) I do have a little extra time to devote to the artwork making it (hopefully) better than it has been. Look for a slight change in the way the comic looks in the coming weeks with more of a painting look to influence the style.

And thank you all for coming back and reading the comic.

Truly. Thank you.

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