9 2875

9 2875

#578 Reconsider

9 thoughts on “#578 Reconsider

  1. Yay! Stephanie!
    Glad she realized that in a not based on sex relationship, you are willing to go through the awkward parts for your partner. At least, that is why I face palmed earlier.

    Glad to see some heartstrings tugged amidst all the sadness. (Beth and Shannon last strip, Emrys and Stephanie today)

  2. This at least gives me some hope for this relationship.

  3. properly done… Funerals aren’t enjoyable things to go to, but one often does things they simply must do…glad to see Stephanie realized that fact.

  4. nice to see she has redeeming qualities, but still don’t like her and think he belongs with Beth but many of us do not always make good choices in life

  5. Wow! Really nice job on the lighting/shadows in panels 1 and 4! It looks like the sun is shining on Emrys, in more than one way. 🙂

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Thank you. I really like that first panel a lot myself.

  6. Just keeps getting, the writing AND the artwork.

  7. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Emrys and Stephanie…ups and downs. Much like life.

  8. Emrys’ facial expressions are so well drawn. I am reminded of the old saw
    “A picture is worth a thousand words.” 🙂

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