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#643 Raw Memories

4 thoughts on “#643 Raw Memories

  1. I hate to be That Guy*, but you have a couple of typos, unless Beth and Rich hared a room in the first panel, and ike most loves in the last.

    *actually, I usually love being That Guy.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      And thank you for being ‘that guy’. No matter how many time I go over it (sometimes one in the morning) there are times I just don’t see the typos. So thak yu. ….. 🙂

  2. Cheating is a deal breaker in a committed relationship, otherwise it’s not a committed relationship. You can’t “accidentally” explore another person’s dental hygiene or have sex with them, and, “It just happened,” is merely an excuse for lack of self control. Is it human to lack self control? Absolutely. That being said, you shouldn’t be surprised if the consequences of your actions hurt. Part of growing up is learning and understanding that choices have outcomes that you have to take responsibility for even if you don’t like it.

    Young people should enjoy their youth and health (which they hopefully have), but it’s best if they’ve been properly prepared so they can try to make the best choices possible with the information they have whenever possible. This is why critical thinking skills are so important, and why it is so disappointing that they aren’t taught in most schools anymore.

  3. I see Rich as one of those charismatic, smooth talkers who give others a feeling that he knows what to do and give an aura of confidence and savoir faire, even when others have doubts. Unfortunately, it frequently happens to be that such people are deeply narcissistic and self-seeking.

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