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10 3040

#659 The Things We Do For Love

Home projects on delay and unforeseen complications may be delaying Patreon comics a bit more. I'm just going to go out and say it -New Greenman and Midnight Edition will be up by the weekend of September 1st and will continue to get on track from that point on. On the lighter side, I really am enjoying doing these past montages. I think Rich may be the most hated comic character this side of Dr. Doom.

10 thoughts on “#659 The Things We Do For Love

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ag43uW4AOFc

    On the other hand, whoring out your girlfriend for coke and then complaining she didn’t do it well enough … that’s ice cold.

  2. I feel like my biggest problem here is not that Rich is an even bigger asshole than first suspected. It’s that the other guys in the group even give him the time of day.

    Maybe she hasn’t told the other guys how bad it got. Maybe this is the first time she admitted it.

    But I took her assertion as gospel the first time I heard it. If the other guys were really her friends, Rich should have been out the door after the funeral.

    1. If not earlier. If they knew, Rich deserved the same or worse from the others.

  3. UGH!!! Rich must be lower than whale dung. And I appreciate Beth’s honesty. She is one who has truly reformed herself.

  4. Yikes. As I recall, Beth is a Taurus? If so, that sheds more light on her story than I would have originally imagined. I mean, talk about falling hard, her loyalty goes beyond reasonable bounds here, which does her credit even if it is to her own personal detriment. With that in mind, I definitely agree with ChrisH’s assessment, she’s definitely made positive changes in her life. Now she just needs to keep those lessons learned in mind and be more patient with whom she chooses. Unfortunately, I don’t think any of her friends are all that helpful in that regard, though it looks like Emrys is on the right track. Whether they eventually get together or not, I think these two are going to be even better friends after this discussion. 🙂

  5. It’s easy for us to say how obvious a villain Rich is, and to chide the circle of friends for not cutting him out for what we see as obvious abuses. But it is important to remember that the best people of the manipulative narcissistic archetype manipulate EVERYONE around them. You can be sure he spun every fight between him and Beth as being her fault, or her overreaction to something innocuous he did. “Dang man, why do you put up with that from her still? You deserve better…” is probably what he got each of them to say, every time. Thick are the webs they weave…

    1. That’s a fair point. One of the things I read recently was how abusers cultivate allies the same way they cultivate victims.

    2. As Greg says, that’s a fair point, but a counterpoint in my mind is that if you seem to be getting one-sided stories from *both* parties, shouldn’t that give you an indication that something is amiss? At the very least, as a friend, I would try to compare what they say and look for inconsistencies, not just take both at their word when they have diametrically opposed opinions. Furthermore, if they really do know Beth, then you’d think they could tell how utterly infatuated she is with Rich, so if she’s just saying everything he says is accurate, then there’s a good chance she’s making excuses for him. People are complicated, and intimate relationships make it even more difficult, especially if you know and care about both of them.

      Trusting people is a good thing, it’s what helps make civilization possible, but taking everything someone says at face value when something is obviously wrong is not wise.

  6. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Love all these comments! You guys sure know these characters well.
    Maybe after next comic some of these other questions will be answered.

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