11 4031

11 4031

#717 Old Patterns

Welp...somehow I'm falling a little behind each day what with work, kids and other stress from being home most of the time. I thought I'd have the BN Midnight Edition done this week but it's looking like it'll be more like next week. I'm falling a tad behind on the regular strip too. I'll have to work on some of it this weekend to get Monday's out. I'd like to get the next two out on the regular schedule so I can take a pause before moving on to the next chapter. With that said, I like how this strip turned out. I think I'll also post a drawing progression on the Facebook page as well. Hope everyone is doing okay and not stressing too hard. We need entertainment and a little distraction. That's why I feel it's important to keep these comics up and running. ...oh...and binge watching Tiger King.

11 thoughts on “#717 Old Patterns

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Hah! You got me.

      1. That happens to even the best of us 😀

  1. I think Beth needs a little boost to her self-esteem. I hope Emrys can provide it.

  2. Emrys, you dumbass. Granted, I can completely understand why you are saying all these stupid things, because you don’t have the highest opinion of girls right now (it’d be far too gracious to call Stephanie a woman), but even so I can see why Beth is upset. All that being said though, Beth is definitely overreacting and I think it’s partly due to the fact that him parrotting her own words strikes a nerve that is still very raw. I know Emrys has been part of the group for awhile now (months?), but I don’t think either of them really know each other all that well yet, despite some of the more personal conversations they’ve had together. It just goes to show you that most of us only really know each other at a surface level, even those we consider friends.

  3. I feel a bit bad for Emrys in this one. Beth was playing Rich to a conclusion, and we can’t really blame Emrys for reaching the same one. He had no way of knowing a play was being staged.

    His main mistake was looking in the window in stead of just knocking like a normal person.

  4. Nothing you can say, Emrys. She’s worked up this mad, knowing she was acting and you unwittingly saw it and came to a logical conclusion. She’s just going to have to get over it (eventually). But don’t expect an apology because if you misunderstood it doesn’t matter the circumstance, it’s your fault. Two wives and 48 years of marriage I know, it’s always your fault. LOL

    1. “I don´t need Google. My wife knows everything.” (text on shirt)

  5. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Beth does have a tendency for the melodrama but I don’t think she’s as angry as I seemed to have portrayed in the illustrations. I think she might be more upset at herself at how close to the mark his comments came.

  6. They say the truth hurts, and this webcomic backs that up.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Thank you! I like that complement.

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