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15 3181

736 Conversations with the Worm Part 2

15 thoughts on “736 Conversations with the Worm Part 2

  1. If this arc ends with Emrys becoming a 3500 year old monster I am totally here for it.

  2. What can I say but “the worm has turned.” ;} But before that, he imparted some wisdom to Emrys. He is no longer in denial about his relationship to Beth, a step forward in his life.

  3. Nice Dune reference ..keep it up..

  4. brilliant – – – great page

  5. Hehe, that Emrys’ “unhearted” face I have almost whole life 🙂

  6. I don’t know, but maybe we could all use an experience like that, getting a heart checkup, with “heart” in a metaphorical way. Personally, I suspect Mr Worm is a minion of Skye’s. 😉

  7. Nice “Dune” reference. I take you’re a fan of the book and/or David Lynch movie?

  8. Duneeeeeeeeeeee….

  9. I had to reread that to get the shift from talking about Stephanie to talking about Beth, but I’m happy to see that Emrys is having a positive “trip”. 🙂

  10. Back in 1966 during my first experience with a hallucinogen I had a long and interesting conversation with the king of the snakes. Nice fellow quite clever. This reminded me of that interaction. Is interaction the right word to describe an event which only had one participant? Cheers.

  11. bohemiannightsthecomic

    So many comments. Where do I start?
    Yes, I’ve loved Dune for quite a long time now. And the dunes in Florence OR. always put me in mind of that book so it was an easy jump to add a talking sandworm for Emrys to interact with.
    I didn’t mean to switch gears so quickly in regards to who the worm was talking about (From Steph to Beth). All I can say to that is, this is Emrys’ trip. We’re all just viewers.
    Thanks again, everyone!

  12. Hah! Called it!

  13. I haven’t read Dune but I like this episode very much. Emrys is taking a deeper look at his love life and that could mean he will have a much happier one.

  14. Frank Herbert got the setting for Dune when he was reporting on the dune stabilization project at Florence.

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