11 2928

11 2928

744 Deals Made

Yeah. I know. It's a little lack-luster right now, but the story-line should ramp up nicely real soon.  

11 thoughts on “744 Deals Made

  1. Aaah, good old barter 🙂

  2. Mateo shows how to be a successful businessman. 😉

    1. Yeah, he probably doesn’t want the bed all that much, but saying that he does will strengthen his bargaining position…
      …& look at that – he got a free bottle of “Maker’s Mark” out of the deal!

  3. Nothing wrong with a little character interaction, that’s what makes them grow with the readers. 🙂

  4. The pacing of the story has room for interludes[0] like this in a Sequoia sempervirens temple.

    [0] lewds?

  5. I sure hope they haven’t found an elk convention center!

    1. Hohohold on thar, Baba Louie! my late Dad was an Elk, my high school graduation party (June, 1962) was at the Elks’ Temple in Sacramento, and two of me besties are Elk. Then there’s Ann Elk, and the rest of her ilk. It ain’t the Elk, it’s the verdammte Moose yagotta watch.

  6. @Brother Parvus, no offense, I’m sure there are many Elks among my deer friends. 😉

    1. OhByTheWay, what we call elk, folks in Europe call Wapiti; what we call moose is actually (genetically) elk.

  7. @Brother Parvus, I am reminded of GB Shaw’s “America and England are two countries separated by a common language.” Well it’s often that words obscure more than clarify.

    1. Vive la difference!

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