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4 3086

769 Golden Plans

Always love reading each and everyone's comments. Even if I don't respond to ever one, it's really awesome to read them all. I was looking back at some of the online earlier comics and I would be surprised if I got just one comment in a month. Thank you all. So much appreciated. I really think this second half of the road trip will be just what the doctor ordered for you. oh, and The Midnight Edition comic for Patreons will most likely be up early next week.

4 thoughts on “769 Golden Plans

  1. I guess Emrys isn’t into swimming. Lots of people aren’t.

    1. I´d say Emrys isn´t into LA generaly. At least according to his depressed face.

  2. This is probably the point where Emrys needs his friends to have his back more than ever. You know his mom is gonna try to drag him down with her.

  3. This is Emrys realizing it’s less than one full day before his mom cuts him off from his friends and has him all to herself FOREVER!!!

    Little does he know Stephanie still exists, and no doubt there will be some future drama involving her.

    Mom is just the Disc One Final Boss.

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