8 3127

8 3127

793 Food Run

8 thoughts on “793 Food Run

  1. Ah, that cold dread from your crush and your mother being left alone. I do not envy Emrys right now.

  2. Just wonder if Beth has an agenda. Maybe to ‘liberate’ Emrys?

  3. Geraldine has a very unhealthy lifestyle. I hope Emrys is doing differently.

  4. Well, the destined confrontation between Beth and Geraldine is happening sooner than I expected. I hope Beth has finally figured out once and for akk what she really wantsz=.

  5. The way to get people to do what you want, is to persuade them to want it to. Let’s see if Beth can do this with Geraldine.

  6. good luck Beth you can do it

  7. Okay, Beth is savvier than I would have guessed and now I’m really curious to see how she handles this conversation. Geraldine seems to be a little off guard here, so perhaps Beth has the upper hand? I can see a lot of possibilities, but I’m not sure where this is headed yet, which is delightful. 😀

  8. So let´s see how Beth is good at lobbying 😀

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