17 3693

17 3693

#799 Dead Man Walking

The next comic is going to be a special double sized one. Working on it now so hopefully it will be up by this Friday. Fingers crossed.

17 thoughts on “#799 Dead Man Walking

  1. I guess Emrys had happier face just at his first rubberless sex 😀

  2. Did Emrys get hit with some Smylex? He is creepily…happy?

  3. It’s “Kama Sutra” Jeff. 😉

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Hah! Of all the misspellings of mine, this one was actually intentional as a “Jeff-ism”.

      1. Jeff-isms are the best isms! 😀

    2. if you mess up your back with a position you shouldn’t have tried i’d still call it karma sutra

  4. Is that Emrys’ Ren Hoek “happy helmet” face?

    1. Happy Happy Joy Joy 😀

  5. And the next page, which is a double sider according to our esteemed cartoonist, will be the Benny Hill Show version of how Emrys fumbled his way to the door. 😀

    Dave, once again, is the man with the clearest perspective on how to treat their free accommodations for the night. I can’t blame anyone for complaining, I would have too most likely since I’m mildly allergic to cigarette smoke, but when you’re on a budget? Yeah, appreciate what you can afford, it makes the situation more endurable.

    Really looking forward to the next episode! 🙂

  6. I like Jeff’s personification of his own back- most amusing. 😉

  7. Waytago, Shan, pointing out what should be blindingly obvious to the obtuse Beth. Wakey wakey, Beth! Shan may take him from under your nose if you’re not careful!

    OhByTheWay, that final panel is a superb example of walking the line for dramatic effect.

    1. I’d like to be taken by Shan 😀 For last two pages I’ve thought that Beth miss her chance and Emrys meet Steph again. That would make another plot.

    2. Nah, I don’t think Shannon or Emrys have romantic feelings for each other, I think she’s just trying to be a good friend to both of them. Shannon is still working through her loss of Mark, so I doubt she’s going to be getting into any serious or new relationships anytime soon.

      1. I was NOT talking about Emrys there 😀

  8. Emrys seems to have come to terms with his mother’s suggestion.

  9. Emrys’ good mood may have something to do with getting a good night’s sleep (unlike his pals.)

  10. I understand Emrys face perfectly.
    My mother is more tolerable in small doses. Much like him, I moved out later in life because of her heath issues. Unlike him, my mother remarried and I am no longer her primary gofer. Thanks step-dad, for your sacrifice! 😛

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