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825 Just Want to Have Fun

Welp, the Kickstarter is still going but I fear it may have stalled. Still hopeful it will go through, but we'll see. But if we do meet the goal, I've decided to add five brand new pages of just Emrys and Beth from a story I found from that time many years ago but never followed through on. I was going to save it for a stretch goal but since that seems very unlikely, I'm willing to put it as a 'cross the finish line' goal. So anyone out there still considering backing the project, please do. It would really mean a lot to me to see this actually happen.  

12 thoughts on “825 Just Want to Have Fun

  1. This seems to be very interesting journey back to Portland.

  2. Huh, a bit of growth on Shannon’s part in a post Mark world.

    Also, it looks like the Huh at the end of Uh Huh is missing.

    1. Shannon completely ruined her relationship with Mark by giving into Dave’s advances and has no way of making up for her mistake because Mark died. Emrys was there to give her pure, non-judgemental friendship when she needed it the most, so I see why Shannon is so hyper-protective of him. And Beth is DANGEROUSLY close to repeating her pattern of sleeping with the first hot guy she sees after she takes a step forward romantically with Emrys, so she I’m all for Shannon giving her the wake-up call she needs, especially since the Pink Haired Viper is waiting for Emrys back at home…

  3. Thank you, Shannon, for sticking up for Emrys.

  4. Shannon isn’t wrong, Emrys is a human being, awkward as all hell, but still human.

  5. Called it- Shannon DEFINITELY isn’t on Team Robert. And it’s understandable- Shannon has been giving Beth the side eye since the road trip began, since she knows Beth’s patterns all too well. We thought she evolved past that with Rich, though in Rich’s case he was an irredeemable asshole who had so many red flags he could be a propaganda poster for Communist Russia, but as far as we know Robert isn’t so bad and seems like a great candidate for a meaningless fling… which would no doubt wreck Beth’s chances of becoming an official couple with Emrys.

    Beth is stubborn, so I see an inevitability of her going on a date with Robert. I see three options here- the easy option, where Robert drops the “nice guy” act and proves to be just as controlling and assholish as Rich, leading Beth to flee in terror; the dramatic option, where Beth actually goes through with it and sleeps with Robert, thereby repeating the mistake Shannon had made and ruining her friendship with both her AND Emrys, or the more interesting option, where Robert seems perfectly fine as a man but just doesn’t click with Beth like he used to and Beth once and for all chooses Emrys, just in time for them to go to Oregon and Stephanie to make her long-overdue return to the story.

    1. Oh yeah, sub-option for option 2- Beth sleeps with Robert, doesn’t tell anyone, hooks up with Emrys, the two go back to Oregon, and Robert eventually follows Beth, saying he quit his job and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. This revelation causes Emrys to dump her, and Robert is revealed to be not so much of a catch because he thought more with his d*ck than his brain.

  6. Emrys should have a personal chat with Beth ASAP.

  7. There’s a fine line here between Beth being stubborn simply because Shannon is warning her off, and actually crossing that line and doing something she might later regret. Let’s not forget that Beth has a lot on her mind right now and a lot of pent up stress from dealing with Rich, losing her job…twice, losing her friend Mark, starting to have feelings for Emrys while he’s dating Stephanie, and then nearly seeing him exit her life completely. For all of her seemingly well-adjusted and composed behavior, I won’t be surprised if Beth is still sorting through a lot of feelings. She is, after all, just as human as the rest of them and a bit of carefree fun probably appeals to her a lot right now. A serious relationship, when neither she nor Emrys have jobs or financial stability, has to be a pretty daunting concern even for a level-headed gal like Beth, or especially daunting.

    My hat is still in the ring for Beth coming to the conclusion that the risk is worth it, I just don’t know how many steps it’s going to take for her to get there or how long Emrys is going to wait to actually put his feelings on the line. So far, she only knows second-hand that he’s got a crush on her, and while that is flattering, it doesn’t really do much to allay common fears about relationships.

  8. “So far, she only knows second-hand that heโ€™s got a crush on her”, you say? I am certain that it is definitely more than jut a crush.

    1. Oh I agree, he definitely does have more than a crush, but does Beth know? That’s the question. I can’t recall her ever hearing anything as detailed about his feelings as he shared with Jeff. I admit though, my memory isn’t as good as it used to be. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. “It’s just a fun distraction on vacation” is exactly something Rich would say. Beth is a hypocrite and if she doesn’t get her head out of her ass will rip out Emrys’s heart by accident, which is worse than being intentionally cruel, cause it means that he simply didn’t even enter her consideration.

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