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7 8618

#919 Giant Revelations

A little late but finally here. Sorry for the delay.

Also......The second book is ready to go to Kickstarter! 

 Bohemian Nights -Book 2: The Nights of Wonder is finished and ready to print. Lots extras in the book including over twenty pages of Patreon only strips and brand new, never before seen pages plus bonus commentaries. Rewards include new bookmark, new refrigerator magnets and one-of-a-kind commissioned artwork. I'm pretty happy how it all turned out. Grab your copy today!

Click on the banner above the comic or click HERE!

7 thoughts on “#919 Giant Revelations

  1. That was awful of you, Beth 🙂

    And I grabbed my Book 2 yesterday 🙂 (sunday)

    1. Huh, despite all the reminders I’d forgotten about it. I’d best get on that,

  2. Ask a silly question.

  3. One of the most hilareous ways of showing they were made for each other.

  4. From feeling cocky to feeling inadequate in 3 seconds…

  5. Last panel: “OK, challenge accepted.” Emrys turns Beth to doggy, put in artifical one and then himself. “And now we are talking”. 😀

  6. Brilliant! Really, Beth could not have answered Emrys’ question better tha that, because words have their limitations, you know. 🙂

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