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23 14898

956 Last Call

Sorry for the delay. I had the comic set to be live today, but the time was all off. It's up now. :)

23 thoughts on “956 Last Call

  1. Fucked up fucker and scorned traumatized thot. This doth not bode well.

  2. good thing Emrys didn’t hear him say that

  3. I didn’t realize Stephanie was this vindictive, but since we already know Dave is not very interested in his own well being, at least not right now (any other time is open to debate), I can’t see this situation improving. Some people need more help than you can offer, especially when they don’t want the help.

    1. Dave really has been the most aggravating of all the male characters in the group, and it’s gotten much worse since Mark’s death. I don’t know if he blames himself for Mark like Shannon did, but there is a clear change in his personality and, unlike Shannon, he doesn’t really have a shoulder to cry on. Stephanie doesn’t have ANY friends whatsoever, and I think it won’t take that much nudging to get Dave to fall into her arms and have her poison his view of not only Beth but the entire gang.

      1. I agree with your assessment, unfortunately. Dave is frustrating mainly because he has the wrong attitude about life and doesn’t appear to have any tangible support, even though the gang are all his friends. If I had to guess he’s suffered from depression for a number of years and still is, but he may not realize it and neither does anyone else. One thing I can say from personal experience, depression can be a very subtle and personality changing event in your life and it’s not easy to recognize it. I don’t think Dave is a bad guy at heart, he just needs to work on his attitude, stop doing drugs and set some realistic goals for himself. I think if he made the effort he would find more support from his friends, but ultimately it is up to him to decide he doesn’t want to live this way anymore.

  4. This may get ugly. Fast.

  5. Oh shit, I can already see where this is going. And I’m not liking it…

  6. This will not end well.

  7. I KInda expected this to happen a little earlier then the part with beth”s sister happened i kinda hoped that these two would not meet but since steph was still on the banner i fgured she would get involved with some one and dave is the odd man out at the moment

  8. Yup, a good story needs good antagonists.

  9. Well, this is an unexpected turn. But I guess it makes sense- Dave’s the friend no one likes and Steph is supposed to be an antagonist, so I suppose it was inevitable they meet one on one. Since they’re both at lows and it’s clear Dave’s blaming Beth for his situation, I can see Steph taking him under her wing and further poisoning his view of her. It might be a lot easier for Steph to isolate Dave from the rest of the group than she did with Emrys because, unlike Emrys, Mateo, or Jeff, Dave doesn’t really have any ambition and has made no effort in achieving his dreams like the others are currently.

    Or, since Steph’s epiphany has set up the possibility of redeeming her character, maybe she might go out of her way to try to “fix” Dave. Steph is drawn to men with ambition, and Dave did have one, once upon a time (experimental motorcycle tester) but he’s (figuratively) just spun his wheels since Mark died. Steph might give Dave the motivation he needs to stop living in the moment and do something with his life.

    The way that Steph is in shadowed in the last panel, though, it looks like option A. Contrast this to the radiant lighting she was in when she reappeared in “Special Delivery.” There was some hope in Steph’s eyes back then, now there’s nothing but wicked intent.

  10. Well, not sure what happened. There seems to be a delay in today’s comic. Let’s hope it’s just a delay and not a complete failure to post cos I’m out of town for a week. We’re helping my mother in law in Los Angeles while she’s in the hospital. I can’t access my site remotely so I apologize. Been having a lot of trouble with the website lately. If it doesn’t show up while I’m gone, I’ll post twice a week for a while. Hopefully it will load up sometime today.

    1. No worries, Eric! This is a particularly heavy plot development and it deserves a little extra attention. 🙂
      Good luck with your family and try to enjoy the 4th at least a little bit if you can. 🙂

    2. I am sorry you’re busy this way, Eric. I wish your mom in law soon recovery.

    3. Do the important stuff, Eric. The comic will wait.

    4. It’s not a cliffhanger moment so you get a pass this time lol
      Kidding aside, thanks for the notice and no worries. Hope everything’s ok with your mother-in-law and that you get to enjoy LA for a bit.

  11. Thank you all. It’s still possible that it might update in a day or so. Hopefully I just put the wrong date on the automatic updater. If not you’ll all get extra comics when I get back.

    1. Take care of the family and deal with the website in due time.

  12. Happy Birthday to United States of America 🙂

  13. UPDATE: I will be home next Tuesday July 11th and will post the comic that night if not too late or the following morning. Sorry for the delay in comics. I really did have them scheduled to post at the right times but something obviously went wrong.
    BUT when I do return I will do something special for all of you- I will be posting TWICE A WEEK for the remainder of summer!!! I already have three done and it should be fairly easy to keep it up till the end of August. Thank you all for you patience and support. You readers are the best!

    1. You’re the BEST, Eric. And if you need some cheer up, I wrote you a message(s) in Patreon.

  14. You’re welcome, Eric. Well this is a surprising plot twist. Normally, it’s a good idea to talk to someone about your troubles, and keep them from festering in your mind. But this isn’t a normal situation, or even close. It looks very bad, as Stephanie seems to want info from Dave to get back at Beth. Sadly, recent events make such a scheme likely to succeed, as Dave and Beth have shown mutual animosity lately, over his relationship with her sister Katie.

  15. No worries. Take care of family. We’ll be (more or less) patiently waiting.

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