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#971 Dancing Away

7 thoughts on “#971 Dancing Away

  1. Enjoy Seattle Mateo. And “house” is colloquial term for hour of driving, or some local slang or another cute Eric’s typo? 🙂

  2. Aww… I really hope this move is a good one, I mean it’s always scary to start something that new and untested. But I believe in the band doing well, I believe Mateo will be able to survive Seattle and make his own way. On another note, I love the backgrounds on this page, the vibrant ‘pulsing’ lights really do make it seem like they are in a club that’s going full tilt! Plus, I bet it’s easier not having to draw a ton of background folks huh? *giggle*

  3. Three “house” away? You meant “hours” right?

    I have mixed feelings about Mateo leaving. Unlike Dave, Mateo’s actually a nice guy that was a solid, supportive friend. However, I understand his reasoning since his career is picking up and he almost seems to be at the cusp of achieving his dream. I do have a bad feeling about this “farewell party,” though… like Dave’s bad decisions might end up catching up to him there. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

  4. Good for Mateo and Mia, I really hope it works out for them! I wouldn’t wish Seattle on anyone, at least not right now certainly, but fortunately this is fiction so you can just focus on the positives and ignore most of the negatives. 🙂
    Hope your time in Japan is going well, Eric!

  5. Well, I guess it wouldn’t be a bohemian comic without a typo once in awhile. I’ll fix it when I get back

  6. So, there are a lot of crossroad straight ahead now…

  7. It’s nice to have a friend in a big city who can show you around when you visit.

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