4 2574

4 2574

The Nine Stages of Creating a Web Comic

Giving myself the day off (sort of). I thought this glimpse into an artist's psyche might be helpful to those of you out there wondering what goes through my mind on a daily basis. --Not a pleasant sight.  

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Drinkers Hell Jackcover


4 thoughts on “The Nine Stages of Creating a Web Comic

  1. When I saw your final expression of weepy-eyed joy, all I could think was “Gleep!” Excellent post–

  2. The tortured artist… it is the classic tale… I wish there was a bit more joy in there, though. Maybe take a night off and play Drinker’s Hell?

  3. Interesting insights. A little manic perhaps. LOL Happy creating!

  4. Many years later I discovered you through a TWC ad on a voting incentive page, so I’m assuming you’ve discovered advertising! I’m glad you persevered!

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