Only one more month till Rose City Comic Con and the way things are shaping up, this may be the only con you can see me at for the rest of the year. If you’re any where in the northwest, here is your chance. September 8-10. It’s bound to be huge! I’ll also be unveiling the long awaited second issue of The Deflectors comic book. Not only that, the co-creator and artist extraordinaire  Andrew MacPhee will be joining me. This is an event not to be missed.

As for the Patreon comic, it’s up and running. As you know, I’ve had to stop the First Flash of Freedom storyline for the time being. It just wasn’t working. What has replaced it? In the long run your guess is as good as mine. In the short term, I’ve got a fun trip back down gamer’s lane as most of the gang dives into another way out game of D&D. Good for a laugh or two.