#481 Lucky Bastard


2 thoughts on “#481 Lucky Bastard

  1. Heh, I think the page title pretty much sums things up. 😀

    So even Mark is going to get dressed up and go to a comic convention? He is definitely further along in his recovery than I expected. Really, the only one I can imagine being keen on the idea is Jeff, maybe Mateo too since he daydreams about being a superhero, but Beth is just trying to be supportive (perhaps for reasons she has yet to realize), and with the introduction of Emrys’ new squeeze, well, I think her enthusiasm is going to be severely dampened, even if she doesn’t show it.

    Analysis aside, I can’t wait to see the action at the convention, it promises to be fun. 😀

  2. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Just another week till the convention story. So yeah, there are a few characters that may not be too into it, but I guess you can chalk it up to trying something new. 😉

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