And so we come to the end of the return of Rich saga. Truth be told, this storyline was going to be another 50-70 episodes before we got to this point, but I honestly don’t think I had it in me. And judging by a lot of your reactions on him, I don’t think any of us would have been able to slog through more of his storyline. Originally I had Beth slip back to him a little bit before she wised up to his shenanigans. But I think this works better. Beth has become wiser over these past few years and I just didn’t see that in her.

So will Rich come back? Never say never I guess, but I need to lighten things up a little bit. Two heavy storylines (Stephanie and Rich) happening simultaneously was a lot to take in. Yes, I do like my plots to have lots of dramatic elements but I think a little lightness is in order and there’s a great storyline waiting just around the corner that this story dovetails into.

So will Stephanie be coming back? probably. She’s still on the masthead, but we’re giving her a rest for now. I got other destinations for the BN gang I want to explore.