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#706 Wake Up Call

9 thoughts on “#706 Wake Up Call

  1. Quit smoking and you’ll have shitload of monies. I hope Portland is far enough from LA so Emrys’ mom will not have an idea to move to Emrys’ flat.

    1. It’s about a thousand miles, as anyone could determine with a web-based map tool. Costs about $230 by air.

      1. Well, I am a truck driver, so 600 km is a bush league for me, while 100 km is a lot for my mom. That’s what I meant.

  2. How did she afford the cell phone? I don’t think she’s a responsible person. Unless she has had bad luck recently.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      You’re right. She’s a horribly irresponsible person.

  3. Emrys deserves a break, even if he *does* resemble a younger Bill Gates.

  4. Uggh… I’m old enough to remember when just about everyone I knew had an ashtray that looked and smelled like the one sitting next to Mom.

  5. Time for a little family drama, it would seem. I can see some of the factors that motivated Emrys to leave town, the second-hand smoke from the cigarettes alone would end up killing me. I feel bad for those who had to grow up around that sort of air polution in their home.

    Also, I agree with Gorbi, if she could manage to quit smoking it would save her a lot of money, unfortunately it usually doesn’t work unless the person actually wants to quit, which is no small feat against the addictive power of nicotine. It can certainly be done, but it’s very tough.

  6. Nicotine is fiendishly addictive (as well as costly), and from the looks of it, Emrys’ Mom seems to be a chain-smoker. I’m not at all sure she has got what it takes to quit.

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