I’ve been wanting to do this drawing for a while. Mostly so I can have some reference when I draw. But adding this now also helps with my regular drawing schedule. I’m working on the writing aspect of this story as well. One of the main reasons for doing this type of road trip story is to have the characters interact with each other on a one to one basis. (Although for this first part, I’m setting the story before we dive into deeper, meaningful discussions between friends) I’m planning on having some light hearted, fun episodes as well.

But now here’s where you the reader comes into play. At some points in the story I’ll be asking YOU what you would like to happen in a given situation. A kind of build your own story if you will. Obviously I have some major story points I’ll be setting forth but for some smaller side stories I’ll be throwing it to you wonderful people out there to help plot some of the more fun stuff.

Case in point. There will be lot’s of one on one conversations with the gang that we normally don’t get to see too often. (like I don’t think Emrys and Annabel even once sat down and talked much with each other) What two characters would you most like to see get to know each other better. (not counting the obvious Emrys and Beth). This trip is filled with lots of reconnecting and rediscovering friendships (among other things). So I’ll see what you all think I should focus on.

There will be other reader participation events as we go along too.

So that’s it for now. Oh, and I should have the next installment of the BN Midnight Edition this weekend.