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1003 Happy Meal

5 thoughts on “1003 Happy Meal

  1. Everyone has his/her own cope 😀

    And interesting Beth’s surprised face at panel 2.

  2. In the penultimate panel, I think it’s pronounced “Devon”, . not “Davon”, as in the first word balloon.

    In the last panel, this looks really similar to the way that someone tried to get over breaking up with Emrys…?

  3. I don’t really know British slang. Is “scrummy” good?

    Is the redhead supposed to be Shannon? I know they’re roommates, but you’d think, with Shannon being so hard on Beth in Vegas for being interested romantically in Emrys but going on a date with Robert 2, that she would take Annabel’s side. I know Devon didn’t do anything to the level of what Dave did and cause herself to be exiled from the group entirely, but Shannon knows the consequences of cheating, even if it’s just a kiss, and shouldn’t be partying with Devon in a bar or at least encouraging self-destructive behavior…

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Yeah, it’s still Shannon. When it comes to Beth, she’s very over protective. With herself and other people…maybe not so much. A flaw of hers.
      And yes, ‘scrummy’ is good. Short for scrumptious.

  4. Jeff must be a brilliant chef. Pumpkin is unusually incompatible with chocolate, at least in my experience. More power to him! Shannon and Devon together is a surprise, but not unbelievable. I hope they won’t get migraine level hangovers the next day.

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