15 5574

15 5574

1004 Jealous Games People Play

Sorry about being a little late on the next Patreon Midnight Edition. I'll try to have it up by this weekend. 

Sometimes I hate now having a full time job. 

15 thoughts on “1004 Jealous Games People Play

  1. Daaaaamn, Shan is such hotie!

  2. Interesting. “Compare and contrast the songs titled ‘Games People Play’ by (a) The Spinners in 1975 and (b) The Alan Parsons Project in 1980.”
    Both seem appropriate to the current situation.

  3. Funny, but my first thought was of the 1968 song by Joe South:


  4. https://youtu.be/wjGK-LRqAqI?si=7TbItfUbCyIaNxB4

    OK, a bit different, but also Game 🙂 Here as cover by HIM.

    1. All good Songs!
      But believe it or not, the title of the page came from a Go-Go’s lyric in ‘Our Lips are sealed’. LOL!

  5. Well, now we know Shannon IS concerned about Devon and making sure she doesn’t completely flush her life down the toilet, but I still say taking her to a bar to drown her sorrows in alcohol is the wrong move. At least Devon KNOWS she screwed up, though giving up entirely on Annabel might be premature… though I’ve been taught that, if you screw up, there is nothing you can do to redeem yourself. And the fact that Devon kissed her SUBORDINATE, even if she came on to DEVON first, probably will hurt Devon professionally as well as personally.

    1. What a mess.

      I think that if Tori didn’t disclose to anyone at work that the kiss happened, and/or if she somehow doesn’t come back to the same work, the kiss shouldn’t hurt Devon professionally at all.

      Btw it’s understandable that Annabel is hurt and mad angry, but Annabel not giving Devon an opportunity to speak her mind (explain what happened and why) does nothing but make things worse. Also, I’d even say that Annabel taking a piece of paper from Devon’s pocket and reading what’s written on it, and then acting on it without hesitation, was at about the same level of betrayal of trust as Devon’s kiss was. So ideally there should be an explanation and an apology from both of them, were they to talk things out.

      That said, I love how real the characters feel thanks to (but not limited to) their imperfections.

      1. I try to write the characters as real as possible -flaws and all. Thanks for appreciating it.

      2. It’s like the lyrics of a country-western song: (wo)man loses his(her) girl and goes to a bar to drink and brood on it. Just add a pickup truck and a dog somewhere and you’re good to go

    2. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Going to a bar for Thanksgiving just seemed like something Shannon and Devon would do. 🙂

  6. It’s really nice to see the change in Shannon’s outlook on life over the past couple of years. Mark’s death was tragic, but it obviously served as a catalyst to improve Shannon’s life, so it wasn’t meaningless. I hope Robert turns out to be a good guy that she can count on, she’s earned a chance to be happy in my book.
    As for Devon and Annabel, I think they both have more work to do on themselves before anything is going to be resolved. Best of luck to them both, even if they end up parting ways.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Alas, only time will tell with both of those.

      1. If we’re talking about realistic characters, a relationship between a jet-setting guy and a pole dancer doesn’t bode well over the long haul. The chances go up that he gets his presumably serious amount of money and having to jet about from something shady, or our pole dancer (for whom I have a lot of sympathy) is a good lay, but unlikely marital material. There are potentially some serious social class differences here, e.g. Mommy and Daddy probably wouldn’t approve of wedding bells. I’m rooting for Shannon, but am “just sayin” “

  7. Shannon is getting a raw deal from Annabel so Shannon should be given another chance.

  8. Oops, sorry I mean Devon, not Shannon. My bad.

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