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7 10620

1006 Slick Moves

If you are reading this, it means I'm away with my family for a small vacation and haven't had a chance to comment on your comments. But I am reading them and thank you!

7 thoughts on “1006 Slick Moves

  1. Listen to Shannon. She is the voice of reason here, Dev.

    And Eric, enjoy your more than well deserved rest. (If it´s possible at vacation with kids 😀 )

  2. At least Shannon is ‘playing with a full deck’ so to speak. Devon on the other hand may be feeling a tad self destructive, she may not be outwardly saying anything about it, but she could be ‘feeling’ it. So will she insist on sticking around, to try and taunt this poor guy (face it, he may be a bit of a lounge lizard, but he’s gotten his due response from these ladies and Shannon is so right, time to leave). Perhaps Devon is thinking she can provoke a more uh, visceral response from porn-stache and get herself actually hurt? He may be tacky and he may be a jerk, but there’s always that point at which he could turn into an actual threat. Just saying, I hope this doesn’t turn ugly (but there’s always that chance hmm?).

  3. This isn’t going to end well. Even wearing the suit doesn’t call for this.

  4. I understand Devon needs to forget, but she’s being a d*ck right now. The guy is everything but smooth but he doesn’t deserve this. This could backfire soon… or later should she run into him in the future.

  5. Devon, listen to Shannon. And Shannon, if she refuses to leave, don’t let her take you down with her. Of course you don’t want anything bad to happen to her, but if she chooses to cause trouble you don’t want to be involved.
    Enjoy your vacation, Eric! I’m sure you need it. 🙂

  6. Shannon’s time as an exotic dancer has trained her well to be able to reject guys without smashing their fragile egos. “Accidentally” spilling her drink on the dude that has come onto them WAY TOO STRONG has given her and Devon the perfect out. If they leave now the guy would surely be disappointed but would probably get over it. But Devon’s desire to play with him further is a HUGE red flag on her part. Is she going to be deliberately cruel to him in the hopes that he explodes and physically hurts her as a form of punishment to herself for causing her breakup? Or is she just going to be cruel in a sort of “Annabel says I’m a monster, so I might as well be one” kind of thing? Either way, Devon’s not thinking clearly, and I think it would be better for Shannon to literally DRAG her out than have her spend any more time with the Clueless Casanova.

  7. Maybe I’m too cautious but I think it best for Shannon and Devon to depart now before Mr. Stranger gets a chance to jump ugly.

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